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Birria Kearny Mesa

Exploring the Diverse Birria Kearny Mesa Menu at Mike Red Tacos!






Discover the exciting savours and rich traditions of Birria Kearny Mesa cuisine at Mike Red Tacos. Our renowned establishment offers a diverse menu that showcases birria in various creative and delicious forms, each dish crafted with care and authenticity.

Birria Tacos

Our Birria Tacos are a true culinary delight, featuring tender beef birria infused with traditional Mexican spices. The slow-cooked meat is nestled in warm, soft corn tortillas and garnished with fresh cilantro and onions. These tacos are served alongside a rich consommé for dipping, adding an extra layer of flavor to every bite.

Birria Quesadilla

Indulge in our Birria Quesadilla, a fusion of melted cheese and savory beef birria tucked between crispy tortillas. This dish combines the gooey richness of cheese with the robust flavors of birria, complemented by the freshness of cilantro and onions. It's a perfect marriage of textures and tastes that will satisfy any craving.

Birria Ramen

For a unique twist on comfort food, try our Birria Ramen at Mike Red Tacos. This innovative dish blends ramen noodles with beef birria and consommé, creating a hearty and flavorful broth. Topped with cilantro and onions, it offers a refreshing take on traditional ramen with a distinct Mexican flair.

Birria Breakfast Burrito

Start your day with the Birria Breakfast Burrito, a hearty and satisfying option that combines scrambled eggs, melted cheese, crispy hash browns, and tender beef birria. Wrapped in a warm tortilla and garnished with cilantro and onions, this burrito is a delicious way to kickstart your morning with authentic flavors.

Birria Nachos

Perfect for sharing or enjoying solo, the Birria Nachos at Mike Red Tacos are a crowd-pleaser. Crispy tortilla chips are generously topped with beef birria, melted queso, guacamole, sour cream, beans, and garnished with cilantro and onions. Each bite offers a burst of savory goodness and a medley of textures that will leave you craving more.

Experience Birria Excellence at Mike Red Tacos

Whether you're a birria aficionado or new to this culinary experience, Mike Red Tacos invites you to explore their diverse menu. Each dish, from Birria Tacos to Birria Nachos, showcases the restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity. Visit Mike Red Tacos today and discover why their innovative approach to birria Kearny Mesa has made them a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

With a dedication to using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, Mike Red Tacos ensures that every dish delivers a memorable dining experience. Whether you're enjoying their classic Birria Tacos or indulging in the inventive Birria Ramen, you'll taste the passion and craftsmanship that defines our menu.

Visit Our Mexican restaurant today and savor the extraordinary flavors of our diverse birria Kearny Mesa menu!

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