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Burritos or Tacos? The Great Debate at Mike's Red Tacos

birria tacos San Diego

The breakfast taco dates back to the 1900s but is still a beloved meal for many people. Out of all the most popular Mexican dishes, burritos and tacos are always a hit for customers. Depending on the ingredients for burritos or the types of tacos, you can have this food as a snack or a meal at any time of the day.

The convenience and flavor of birria tacos are one-of-a-kind. But what is better? Tacos or burritos?

It's not easy to decide between these two foods as they are both delicious...

So, let's look at what makes each of them special.

Taco or Burrito?

Mexican food is known for its distinct flavor and irresistible charm, which is why you see people getting sides for tacos and burritos for lunch during their week. For example, the California burrito is a staple for foodies who love comfort food.

One of the key differences between a taco and a burrito is their fillings. A burrito is full of healthy foods like rice, beans, avocado, and cilantro. So, it's a little heavier than tacos is considered a bigger meal. This is why you often see burritos filled with french fries or cheese sauce.

Typically, burritos are served in three main options: chicken, beef, or vegetables. If you're going on a trip, this is a great option to keep your stomach full and content.

On the other hand, a taco is lighter and easier to snack on when you're busy. The ingredients in a taco aren't as heavy, so you can expect to find salsa, sour cream, and lettuce. They also include beef or chicken, so it's a filling treat if you need something to keep you going.

Traditionally, tacos are smaller than you see in large chains and are made from corn flour.

Overall, both of these options are ideal for different situations. But the taco rules for convenience, and the burrito is the perfect comfort meal.

Introducing Birria Tacos

A birria is a meat stew soaked in chiles and pieces. Its unique texture is what sets it apart from other tacos or burritos, and it's life-changing once you try it for the first time.

The explosion of flavors and smells is amazing, but you won't get to experience the delight of the dish with poor-quality ingredients. This is why you need to go to Mike's Red Tacos. The classic birria tacos are guaranteed to be your new obsession.

Try the Delicious Birria Tacos

When you eat new food, it's important to support local businesses that combine flavors and ingredients from a place of authenticity. At Mike's Red Tacos, you can find birria tacos that are cooked the way they are meant to be, and the taste speaks for itself.

Ready to indulge in a birria taco this week?

Head down to Mike's Red Tacos and taste these delicious tacos and burritos. You can find the full menu here and already pick out what you want before you go! If you'd rather order, that's possible too.

Put your selection online and wait for your meal to arrive.

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