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How to Make Birria Tacos: The Ultimate Guide

Birria tacos are undoubtedly one of the tastiest and most popular tacos around. And for a good reason- they're straightforward to make! In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process of making birria tacos, from starting with the ingredients to assembling the tacos and finishing everything off with a delicious birria sauce. So if you're in the mood for some delicious tacos, check out our guide!

What is Birria Tacos

Birria tacos are a popular style of taco that originated in central Mexico. Birria is a slow-cooked beef stew that is typically served over fresh tortillas. The spices and flavors in birria make it an incredibly flavorful dish, and birria tacos are no exception!

To make birria tacos, you'll first need to gather the ingredients necessary for the recipe. In this guide, we'll use ground beef, onion, cilantro leaves (or parsley), garlic cloves, oregano chile pepper flakes (or cumin), salt, and black pepper as our main ingredients.

First, heat the ground beef in a large skillet over medium-high heat until cooked. Once the meat is cooked, add in the onion and cilantro leaves (or parsley), cloves of garlic, oregano chile pepper flakes (or cumin), salt, and black pepper. Stir everything together until thoroughly combined and cook for 5 minutes to allow the spices to meld into the meat.

Once the spices have been mixed in, remove from heat and let cool slightly before assembling birria tacos.

The history of Birria

The history of Birria dates back to ancient times. It is thought that the recipe for Birra was first developed in Mesopotamia, and it has been enjoyed by people all over the world ever since.

Birria is traditionally a sheep, or goat meat stew cooked slowly on a barbecue or stovetop, with various spices and vegetables added. Some of its most famous variations include brian both (a dish made from pottery-fired dumplings), brian kofta (balls of ground lamb seasoned with cumin, paprika, coriander, cardamom, and Za'atar), Berberian chicken (cooked in a tomato sauce), and Berberian lamb chops.

Birria is a spicy, fatty meat dish from the Spanish region of Castile and León. It typically consists of beef or mutton in a stew or sauce made with garlic, chiles, vinegar, and other spices. Birria has been popular in Spain for centuries, but it has also become increasingly popular worldwide due to its unique flavor and easy preparation.

The history of birria is intertwined with the history of Spain itself. The dish likely originated during Moorish rule in Iberia (present-day Andalusia), when they would butcher locally raised sheep and use their meat as either food or currency. As Christianity spread throughout Iberia, people began incorporating Christian symbolism into their cuisine by adding consecrated Christmas fowl to their birrian dishes.

The steps to making birria tacos

Birria tacos are a popular Mexican food that typically consists of meat (usually lamb, pork, or beef) cooked in an acidic sauce with spices. The dish is often served on a soft tortilla shell and topped with different toppings such as avocado, sour cream, cilantro, onion, and lime.

Making birria tacos is relatively easy to do if you have the right ingredients and tools at your disposal.

Here are the three main steps you need to follow:

-Marinate the meat in a mixture of chili powder, salt, garlic powder, and cumin. Be sure to cover it entirely so that it absorbs all the flavorsome goodness from the spices

-Browning the meat will add flavor and color to your Birria tacos. This can be done using either oil or gas flames

-Once browned (or cooked through), remove it from heat and let it cool slightly before adding your desired toppings.

With these simple steps under your belt, making birria tacos is no more complicated than cooking any other type of taco! If you're looking for some delicious Mexican cuisine that's unique yet easy enough for beginners to make at home - look no further than Birrieria Taco House.

Birria Taccos Kearny Mesa

Choosing the perfect ingredients for your birria tacos

When it comes to making birria tacos, the key is to choose the right ingredients to complement the flavorful birria sauce. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect ingredients:

1. Meat: Birria tacos are typically made with slow-cooked meat, such as beef or lamb, marinated in the spicy birria sauce. You can use a variety of cuts of beef, including chuck roast, short ribs, or shoulder roast.

2. Tortillas: Birria tacos are traditionally served on small, soft corn tortillas. These tortillas are easy to work with and hold up well to the juicy filling.

3. Toppings: Birria tacos are often served with various toppings to add flavor and texture. Some popular options include diced onions, cilantro, lime wedges, and tomatoes. You can also add a dollop of sour cream or crema to add a creamy texture.

4. Cheese: Birria tacos are often served with a sprinkle of cheese. You can use any type of melting cheese, such as queso fresco, queso Blanco, or Monterey Jack.

By choosing the right ingredients for your birria tacos, you can create a delicious and satisfying meal that is sure to please.

Making the Birria sauce

Birria is a traditional Mexican dish with a spicy, flavorful sauce. To make the sauce, you will need a few key ingredients:

-Tomatoes: You will need ripe tomatoes to add depth and flavor to the sauce. You can use fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes, depending on your availability.

-Chilies: Birria sauce is known for its spicy kick, so you will need to use chili pepper to add heat to the sauce. You can use fresh chilies or chili flakes, depending on your preference.

-Aromatics: Aromatic ingredients like onions, garlic, and cumin can add depth and flavor to the sauce. You will need to finely chop these ingredients and sauté them in a pan before adding the rest of the ingredients.

-Beef broth: To add richness and depth to the sauce, you will need to use beef broth. You can use store-bought broth or make your own by simmering beef bones and vegetables.

-Spices: Birria sauce is typically seasoned with a blend of spices, including cumin, paprika, and oregano. You can adjust the number of herbs you use depending on your preference for flavor and heat.

To make the sauce, you will need to start by sautéing the onions, garlic, and cumin in a pan. Once fragrant, you can add the tomatoes and chilies and cook them until they are soft. Next, add the beef broth and the spices and bring the mixture to a boil. Finally, reduce the heat and let the sauce simmer for about 30 minutes or until it has thickened to your desired consistency. Once the sauce is ready, you can make birria tacos or any other dish that calls for berry sauce.


If you're looking for the perfect recipe for birria tacos, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know to make these delicious tacos in your kitchen. From selecting the right ingredients to making the sauce, we've got you covered.

At Mike's Red Tacos, we know that birria tacos are a favorite among our customers. Whether you're a taco fan or just curious about this unique style, we recommend checking out our recipe for birria tacos.

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